1. We have formed an organization named “NARMADA SOCIAL WELFARE ORGANIZATION” headed by an expert committee to arrange spiritual and social activities throughout the country. The committee started their work efficiently. Some social Programs has already been started and some other Programs   will be started in near future. You may join our free group meditation demonstration course. contact us giving your bio-data for booking your name in the next group meditation course.

a. We are giving economic assistance to arrange food for  all the people going for NARMADA  PARIKRAMA.
b. We have given economic assistance to build a room for parikramawasi at Mandaleswar in Madhya Pradesh.
c. We are giving free information and other assistance to new Parikramawasi  coming for NARMADA  PARIKRAMA.
d. We are promoting  NARMADA PARIKRAMA and its importance as much as possible.
e. We are giving training for mental, physical, and spiritual development of people.
f. We are communicating with other social welfare organization to work as a chain through out the country.
g. We are arranging tree planting program ‘TO MAKE POLLUTION FREE SOCIETY’.
h. We are trying to increase alertness among people to prevent pollution of the holy river ‘NARMADA’.
i. We are arranging yoga and meditation class.( CONTACT US FOR NEXT FREE MEDITATION CLASS)
j. We are giving medical assistance to poor people.
k. We need your attachment and assistance to make all the said activities successful.


About Narmada

The Narmada , an important river of central India, rising in the Maikala range, of east – central Madhya Pradesh. Emerging on the summit of the plateau of Amarkantak on the north – eastern apex of the Satpura range in Rewa, it enters the Arabian sea below Bhuruch, after a total course of 1289 K.M. journey.
The Narmada stirs the simple rustic people to devotional fervour.