Bhuruch is important District city of Gujrat. The holy river Narmada merged with great Arabian Sea at Mithi Talai near Bhuruch. The city is thickly populated business place. Many industries are found around the city. A large number of temples and places of spiritual interest may be visited from Bhuruch. This place is also very important for  NARMADA  PARIKRAMA  as well as for the people who come here for general tour or for religious interest.

Train service from Howrah, New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Indore is available for Bhuruch. Bus service from nearest cities of Gujrat and Madhyaprodesh are available.

Private Hotels, Dharmashala and Ashrams are available to stay here.

This holy place is  surrounded by many temples like Narmada Mata temple, Nabagraha temple, Kamnath, Bhaskereswar, Koteswar, Someswar, Bhutnath, Bhuteswar, Shaktinath, Nilkantha, and many other temples are to visit here. Other places of spiritual interest are:–

BHARBHUT:– Bharbhut is an important holy place at the bank of Narmada. Just 15 k.m. distant from Bhuruch. Bherbhuteswar Mahadev temple, Pancha Mukhi Mahadev, Narmada Mata temple, Someswar Mahadev, Basudev Kuthir and Sri Rang Prerana temple are to visit here. On the way to Bharbhut tourist may visit Pancha Mukhi Mahadev at Kukarwada village and Mahakaleswar Mahadev at Timbi village.

JHARESWAR :– Jhareswar is also an important spiritual place nearby Narmada. Jhareswar Mahadev, Baidyanath Mahadev, Dudheswar Mahadev, Kamnath Mahadev and Radha Krishna temple are to visit here. On the way to Jhareswar tourist may visit Ramananda Ashram, Gayatri Mata temple, Shitala Mata temple. Nilkantha Mahadev and Brahmakumari temple at the side of Narmada bridge. Jhareswar is only 6 k.m. distant from Bhuruch.

TABRA :– A small village at the bank of Narmada. Kapileswar Mahadev, Mangal Math and Kabir temple to visit here. Only 9 k.m. distant from Bhuruch.

KADOTH :–  Kadoth is an important spiritual place at the bank of Narmada. This place is famous for Koteswar Mahadev temple and well known for Baisakh Mela celebrated here every after eighteen years. Just 12 k.m. from Bhuruch.

SHUKLA TIRTHA :–  Shukleswar and Aditeswar Mahadev, Hunkereswar, Ambika temple, Dutta temple, Gopeswar , Ranachorroy temple and Ganesh temple are to visit here. This place is 15 k.m. distant from Bhuruch.

MANGALESWAR :– Mangalnath / Mangaleswar Mahadev and Swet Baraha God’s temple are famous at the bank of Narmada. Tourist may also visit Dutta temple and Bharadwaj Ashram at Duttamadi village near Mangaleswar.

NIKORA :– Nikora is a small village at the bank of Narmada. Very beautiful location and famous for Anandi Mata Meditation temple. The temple is very beautiful and nicely decorated with garden. Many people come here for meditation.

Interested tourists may visit some other places of spiritual interest at the southern bank of Narmada. The places are as under :–

OMKALESWAR:– Mandaveswar Tirtha, Antarnath Mahadev, Sukhdev temple, Ram temple.

BULBULA  KUND:– Nilkantha and Bharodiswar Mahadev, Hot spring like pond but the water is cold.

SAJOT :– Sidha Rudreswar Mahadev, Rudra Kund, Balinath and Badyanath Mahadev, Khappar Mata temple.

HANSOT :– Hangseswar and Tileswar Mahadev, Surya Kund.

HANUMAN TEKRI :– Hanuman temple and Sita Ram Ashram.

KOTESWAR:– Koteswar Mahadev, Ashram and Dharmashala.

KATHPORE :– Rin Mukteswar and Alikeswar Mahadev, Kali Mata temple. The motor boat service for Mithi Talai is available from here.

BIMALESWAR :– Bimaleswar, Someswar, Ratneswar, Pulasteswar, Gokarneswar Mahadev, Dharmashala.

Note:– There is no Hotel to stay at the places said above except Bhuruch. So it is wise to rent a car and after visiting all the places, tourist should come back at Bhuruch for night stay.

About Narmada

The Narmada , an important river of central India, rising in the Maikala range, of east – central Madhya Pradesh. Emerging on the summit of the plateau of Amarkantak on the north – eastern apex of the Satpura range in Rewa, it enters the Arabian sea below Bhuruch, after a total course of 1289 K.M. journey.
The Narmada stirs the simple rustic people to devotional fervour.