Kinds of Parikrama

NARMADA  PARIKRAMA  is a very popular spiritual and adventurous journey in India, even foreigners from different countries come here to enjoy this tour.For a long time three kinds of parikrama are popular among saints, sages and NARMADA devotees :-

(1)  MUNDAMAL  PARIKRAMA — It is the most popular NARMADA  PARIKRAMA among all till date. This PARIKRAMA  may be started from any specific point at the bank of NARMADA on foot and come back to the same point after walking around both the side of the holy river like a chaplet.

(2)  JALEHARI  PARIKRAMA  :- This  NARMADA  PARIKRAMA  takes double time and hardship in comparison with mundamal parikrama. In this parikrama, parikramawasi starts from Amarkantak ( originating place of the holy river NARMADA) and walks up to Mithi Talai ( The river NARMADA  merges here with Arabian sea) and come back to Amarkantak following by northern side of the river, then goes to the other side of the river and walks up to Kathpore and come back to Amarkantak.

(3)  PANCHAKOSHI  PARIKRAMA :- This  NARMADA  PARIKRAMA  is very easy  and takes only three to four days to complete it. In this NARMADA PARIKRAMA ,  prikramawasi should visit some religious places round Amarkantak on foot. The religious places to visit are NARMADA  temple complex, Mai-ki-bagia, Sonemuda, Jaleswar Mahadev temple, Dhunipani, Bhrigu comomdulu, Kabir chabutra, Kapil dhara, Dugdha dhara, Sambhu dhara, Durga dhara, Baratinala and Pataleswar Mahadev temple. Another  PANCHAKOSHI  PARIKRAMA starts from Bandarbhan and ends at Hiranfal.Details regarding PANCHAKOSHI PARIKRAMA  at Amarkantak is given in tour guide and the other from Bandarbhan to Hiranfal has been steated in Route guide.

(4)  KHANDA  PARIKRAMA :-  This  NARMADA  PARIKRAMA  is very popular among service holder,business men and family holders at present. Anybody can take part in this PARIKRAMA .  No binding to complete the journey at a time. parikramawasi can start from any point at the bank of NARMADA  for some days and may return to home after completion of a part of PARIKRAMA. after that he may start  NARMADA  PARIKRAMA  from that point where he left  PARIKRAMA  last time.

(5)  CAR  PARIKRAMA :-  NARMADA  PARIKRAMA  by car is the most popular journey at present. The popularity of this NARMADA  PARIKRAMA  is growing everyday.Some traveling agencies are conducting this tour from AMARKANTAK , OMKERESWAR, MAHESWAR , BHARUCH and other big cities situated nearby NARMADA. The total distance to cover is about 4000 K.M. and takes about 17 to 20 days to complete the journey. NARMADA  PARIKRAMA  by car covers only the main places of spiritual interest situated near road. Sufficient food and drinking water and emergency medicine  must be preserved during journey.For route guide and other details see NARMADA  PARIKRAMA  by car.

(6)  MARKANDEYA  PARIKRAMA :-This kind of  NARMADA  PARIKRAMA  is very tough and time taking, due to this cause nobody is interested to take part in this parikrama. n this  NARMADA  PARIKRAMA , parikramawasi can not cross not only the holy river NARMADA but also the other main rivers meet NARMADA  enroute.

(7)  DANDAWAT  PARIKRAMA  :- This  NARMADA  PARIKRAMA  is the toughest journey and parikramawasi should cover the total distance by giving dandawat to NARMADA  MATA . Very few devotee attempt to do this. ( Dandawat means salute to the mother NARMADA  lying on road )

(8)  HANUMANT  PARIKRAMA :-  This kind of  NARMADA  PARIKRAMA  is popular among general tourist because there is no binding to cross the river by boat and parikramawasi can visit the places of spiritual interest according to their choice . Very few NARMADA  devotee take part in this type of  NARMADA  PARIKRAMA . General tourists are interested in this tour.

NOTE :– To know about route of  NARMADA  PARIKRAMA  on foot or by car, see Route Guide on Patikrama menu.A

About Narmada

The Narmada , an important river of central India, rising in the Maikala range, of east – central Madhya Pradesh. Emerging on the summit of the plateau of Amarkantak on the north – eastern apex of the Satpura range in Rewa, it enters the Arabian sea below Bhuruch, after a total course of 1289 K.M. journey.
The Narmada stirs the simple rustic people to devotional fervour.