AMARKANTAK  is a famous pilgrimage town  in Madhya Prodesh, as well as very important place for  NARMADA  PARIKRAMA,  situated at 1065 m. over south-eastern part of  Maikala ranges in Pushparajgarh tehsil in the Shahdol district. Some part of AMARKANTAK which is known as Rajmergarh and Kabir Chatubra fall within Bilashpur district of Chhattishgarh state. It is the originating point of two important rivers of India i.e. NARMADA and Sone and another originating point of the river named Johilla near Jaleswar Mahadev temple. The place is surrounded by holy ponds, countless temples, Ashrams, Dharmashalas,deep forest,and beautiful water falls. Tourist come here through out the year. Pilgrims bathe in the holy water of NARMADA kund to wash out their internal garbage. It is believed that the sight of NARMADA is sufficient to purify oneself. According to the historians, the Chendi dynasty ruled the region followed by the Kalchuri’s in the 10 – 11 century. Latter, the region was given as dowry to the Baghel rulers of Rewa by Kalchuri dynasty. In 1808, it came under the dominion of the Bhosle of Nagpur and remained with them till it went into the hands of the British.



Nearest Railway station of  AMARKANTAK  is PENDRA  ROAD, 101 k.m. distant  from Bilashpur. Train and bus service  from Bilashpur is available for AMARKANTAK. Bus and car service from Pendra Road (40 k.m. ) to  AMARKANTAK  is also available. Narmada Exp, Hirakund Exp, Bilashpur- Bhupal Exp, Bhupal-Durg-Amarkantak Exp are daily train service for Pendra Road.

Hotel Sarvoday, Hotel Surobhi, Hotel Narmada and many other hotels are available to stay here. Barfani Dada Ashram, Kalyan Ashram, Chandika Mata Ashram and many other Ashram and Dharmashalas are available to stay here.

NARMADA TEMPLE COMPLEX :– The temple complex is constructed at the point from where the holy river Narmada originates. Narmada Mata temple, Amarkantakeswar Mahadev temple, Lakshmi Mata temple, Ganesh temple, Hanuman temple , Rudra Mahadev temple and many other temples to visit here.

MAI-KI-BAGIA:– One k.m. from Narmada temple. Beautiful location surrounded by various trees. Narmada Kund, Narmada Mata temple to visit here. NARMADEY  PARIKRAMA  may be started from here. A rare herbal tree named Gul Bakawali which is used to prepare medicine of eye is available to see here.

KARNA TEMPLE COMPLEX :– It’s an ancient temple complex consisting of Pataleswar Mahadev, Karna temple, Shiva temple and many other temples. Recently renovated by Govt. of M.P. Just 100 m. from Narmada temple.


SONEMUDA:–  The originating place of the river Sone. Beautiful place within forest. Durga Mata temple to visit. Two k.m. from Narmada temple.

YANTRA MANDIR:– Beautifully decorated temple. Shakti Pith of Amarkantak. Just one k.m. from Narmada temple.

KAPIL DHARA AND DUGDHA DHARA :– Beautiful water fall by the side of Kapil Ashram. 4.5 k.m. distant from Narmada temple complex. Durga Mata temple and Kapil Muni temple to visit here. Dugdha Dhara is only one k.m. far from Kapil Dhara but tourist have to walk to reach there. The falling water looks like milk. Attractive natural beauty within forest. stone image of Lord Shiva to visit within Durbasha cave.


BHRIGU KAMANDALU :– It is very risky to go Bhrigu Kamandalu, Dhuni Pani and Rudra Ganga without guide.All the three places are within dense forest. There is no way to reach there by car. Tourist have to walk about two k.m. to visit the said places.  Beautiful location within forest. A big stone looks like a kamandalu to visit here.

DHUNI PANI:– Attractive tourist spot surrounded by various trees of fruits and flower, pond and deep forest. Dhuni of Bhrigu Rishi is to visit here.

RUDRA GANGA:–The originating point of the river Rudra Ganga. Rudra kund and cottage of sages are to visit.

DURGA DHARA:-It’s  also a beautiful water fall within forest. Tourist may go by car. Natural beauty is remarkable. Durga Mata temple is to visit here.

JALESWAR MAHADEV :– Jaleswar Mahadev is a famous temple of the Lord Shiva. The distance is about 10 k.m. from Narmada temple complex.

KABIR CHATUBRA :– A memorable place of  Kabir ji. During his journey in M.P. he stayed here for some days. Kabir Bat and Kabir Ashram is to visit here.

SAMBHU DHARA :– Holy place and water fall.

BARATI NALA:– It’s also a holy place.

JAIN TEMPLE:–The most attractive tourist spot in Amarkantak. Beautifully decorated temple. Remarkable art work. The temple is under construction for about last ten years headed by Vidyasagar Baba (Jain Guru ).

REMARKS :– It is wise to rent a car with a guide to visit all the places said above. Some spots are within dense forest and there is no way to reach their by car, the only way is to walk with the help of a guide. Only two days are required to visit all the places by car.

About Narmada

The Narmada , an important river of central India, rising in the Maikala range, of east – central Madhya Pradesh. Emerging on the summit of the plateau of Amarkantak on the north – eastern apex of the Satpura range in Rewa, it enters the Arabian sea below Bhuruch, after a total course of 1289 K.M. journey.
The Narmada stirs the simple rustic people to devotional fervour.