OMKERESWAR  is an important city of Madhya Prodesh and famous for Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva named OMKERESWAR. It is one of the twelve famous Jyotirling in India.  OMKERESWAR  is an Island in the river Narmada over Mandhata hill. There are two temples and both are called as Jyotirling i.e.  OMKERESWAR  is situated on the Island and the other is Mamaleswar or Amareswar is situated at the southern  bank of the holy river Narmada. The name  OMKERESWAR came from the holiest Hindu word “OM“. Many temples and places of spiritual interest may be visited around the city. Pilgrimage come here round the year but on the eve of Shiva Ratri and on the day of Narmada Jayanti huge number of tourist come here to worship Lord Shiva and the mother Narmada. OMKERESWAR  is a very important spiritual place during  NARMADA  PARIKRAMA.. Most of the Parikramawasi start  NARMADA  PARIKRAMA  from here and after completion of parikrama comes here to salute the mother Narmada and Lord Shiva for taking care of him and to supply power to complete the spiritual and adventurous journey.

OMKERESWAR  is situated in Khandwa District of Madhya Prodesh in India. The nearest Airport is Indore and is situated at a distance of 77 k.m. from  OMKERESWAR, another Airport is at Ujjain and is situated at a distance of 133 k.m. far from  OMKERESWAR.

The nearest Railway Station is OMKERESWAR ROAD which is only 12 k.m. from  OMKERESWAR city ( a brunch line from Indore ). The main Railway Station is Indore and is 77 k.m. far from  OMKERESWAR. Daily train service from Howrah, Bhupal, Ahamedabad, New Delhi and other important cities of India is available.

Bus service from all important cities of Madhya Prodesh and some important cities of Gujrat is available from  OMKERESWAR.

Many Hotels, Ashrams and Dharmashalas are available to stay at  OMKERESWAR. Narmada Resort, Radha Krishna Resort, Hotel Ashirbad and many other hotels are to stay here. Adivasi Dharmashala, Baheti Dharmashala, Sri Gajanan Ashram, Barfani Dada Ashram, Dashora Nagar Samaj Dharmashala and many other places are to stay here.

Trek 7 k.m. over  OMKERESWAR  hill and visit a lot of temples around it. The trek starts from  OMKERESWAR  MAHADEV  temple and after a circular journey it ends at the same place.  The places of spiritual interest which tourist will visit during the journey are as underneath:–

Kherapati Hanuman temple, Kedareswar Mahadev, Kuber Bhander Tirtha, Narmada- Kaberi Sangam,Wrin Mukteswar Mahadev temple, Lord Bishnu temple, Gouri Somenath, Ara Hanuman temple, Gayatri Mata temple, Sidhyanath Mahadev ( old omkereswar ) temple and other temples may be visited  during trekking.

OMKERESWAR Mahadev temple is of five stir building. On the ground floor the stone image of Omkereswar Mahadev is worshiped and on the 1st floor Mahakaleswar Mahadev,on 2ndfloor Siddhaswar Mahadev, on 3rdfloor Gupteswar Mahadev is worshiped and on the 4th floor Dhajadhari otherwise known as Trishul is worshiped.Mamaleswar Mahadev temple is situated at the south bank of the holy river Narmada.In addition to  OMKERESWAR  and Mamaleswwar Mahadev temple tourist may visit some other places within very short time.

Mandaleswar:- Ram temple, Dutta temple, Ratneswar Mahadev, Agasthi cave and Gppteswar Mahadev, Jaleswar Mahadev, Chatra Ganapatiswar Mahadev, and Harihareswar Mahadev temple.

Maheswar:– Very important holy place at the bank of Narmada.  Pandarinath and Dutta temple at the bank of Narmada. Sankatmochon Hanuman , ancient temple of Rajrajeswar, Sahasrarjun temple, Ganesh temple, Sidhyaswari Mata temple, Bhabani temple and many other temples, Ashrams and Dharmashala. Most of the parikramawasi stay here during  NARMADA  PARIKRAMA.

Khalghat:– Kapileswar Mahadev Tirtha,Durga temple and many other temples, Ashrams and Dharmashala.

Kothawa, Koteswar Mahadev temple, Chaban Ashram, Dolery Ashram, Sita Mata temple are also visitable from Omkereswar.  During NARMADA  PARIKRAMA, none can go to visit Omkereswar Mahadev but after completion of NARMADA  PARIKRAMA, they are allowed to worship the Jyotirlinga.

Ujjain:– One of the most important historical city of Madhya Prodesh situated by the side of the river Shipra. Ujjain is 133 k.m. distant from Omkereswar.  The ancient name of this city was Abantika Nagari. The king Bindushar and his son Ashoke ruled their State from this city. After the period of Ashoke, Abantika Nagari was the capital city of 2nd Chandra Gupta. This city is now famous for Mahakaleswar Mahadev temple which is one of the 12 Jyotirling in India. Ujjain is also one of the 51 Shakti Pith in India. Kumbha Mela is celebrated here once in every twelve years.   In addition to Mahakaleswar Mahadev temple the other visitable places are as underneath:–

Bada Ganesh temple, Kal Bhairab temple, Pancha Mukhi Hanuman temple,Harsiddhi Mata temple, Bhaktihari cave, Garkalika temple, Rin -Mukteswar Mahadev, Chinta Mani Ganesh temple, Ramghat and many other temples, Ashram and Dharmashala. Ujjain is not a visitable place  during  NARMADA  PARIKRAMA.

About Narmada

The Narmada , an important river of central India, rising in the Maikala range, of east – central Madhya Pradesh. Emerging on the summit of the plateau of Amarkantak on the north – eastern apex of the Satpura range in Rewa, it enters the Arabian sea below Bhuruch, after a total course of 1289 K.M. journey.
The Narmada stirs the simple rustic people to devotional fervour.