Rules of Parikrama

RULES  OF NARMADA  PARIKRAMA :– Before starting  NARMADA  PARIKRAMA ( A circular journey on foot around the holy river Narmada) every Parikramawasi ( One who started  NARMADA  PARIKRAMA  ) should maintain some formalities and carry out some rules during the spiritual and adventurous journey. The formalities and the rules are as underneath :–

1) Every Parikramawasi should keep a photo identity card with him, certified by M.P./ D.M./ B.D.O./ Chairman of Municipality or from any other higher official performing  Govt. job. before starting  NARMADA  PARIKRAMA.

( 2)  NARMADA  PARIKRAMA  may be started from any specific point at the bank of the holy river NARMADA but before starting the journey Parikramawasi should worship the mother NARMADA  and pray before her to look after him and give power to complete the spiritual and adventurous journey. He should take a pot full of water taken from the holy river NARMADA and carry it till completion of the journey.

     ( 3)  The other name of NARMADA  is’REWA’ . Parikramawasi should always repeat the word ‘REWA’ during journey in his mind or he may repeat any other name of God as per his own choice.

( 4)  During  NARMADA  PARIKRAMA  Parikramawasi should always try to walk by the side of the river NARMADA and walk taking the river at his right hand. He should not go very far from the river,but due to geographical cause none can do so. If any parikramawasi become bound to go far from the holy river NARMADA, he should worship the water taken from the holy river in pot.

( 5)  During  NARMADA  PARIKRAMA  Parikramawasi should walk bare footed and must not carry food for more than two days in advance. He should carry his own luggage himself. No carrier or labor is allowed to help him.

( 6)  During NARMADA  PARIKRAMA ,  Parikramawasi must not cross  the river, even he should not go to the islands also.

( 7)  During NARMADA  PARIKRAMA , parikramawasi passes a  lot of temples and religious places. He should visit  the temples and religious  places and worship the God or Goddess as much as possible. Try to increase dependance over the mother ‘NARMADA’. So every parikramawasi should try to depend upon the mother in all condition.

( 8) The main object of  NARMADA  PARIKRAMA  is not only to complete a adventurous and spiritual journey but also to clean the garbage hidden within us.So every Parikramawasi should try to speak true, maintain mental satisfaction at all the time and behave good to all and worship NARMADA  MATA at every morning and evening.

( 9) During  NARMADA  PARIKRAMA  Parikramawasi should not go very far in the river, even he will not swim and try to take bath at a safe location.

( 10)  Parikramawasi should not take money with him.Even he should not accept any economic assistance from others during Narmada Parikrama. He should always depend upon the mother. She always looks after her son and serves all kinds of requirements at all the time during this spiritual journey.

( 11)  In rainy season and in summer  NARMADA  PARIKRAMA  remains close and parikramawasi should stay at one place. He should worship NARMADA  MATA every morning and evening and try to repeat the word ‘REWA’ in mind as much as possible during this period.

(12) During  NARMADA  PARIKRAMA  every parikramawasi should try their best to prevent pollution of the holy river NARMADA  and encourage others about this.

(13) During  NARMADA  PARIKRAMA  every parikramawasi must carry with them some necessary items like one set extra clothing, one blanket, one minimum bedding set,one small knife,one stick,one diary,one water pot,minimum utensils,one photo of NARMADA  MATA,emergency medicine .

Remarks :- If you can not arrange the said items, you may start  NARMADA  PARIKRAMA  without anything with you. Depend upon NARMADA  MATA, she will provide everything for you during  NARMADA  PARIKRAMA . For more information contact us.

About Narmada

The Narmada , an important river of central India, rising in the Maikala range, of east – central Madhya Pradesh. Emerging on the summit of the plateau of Amarkantak on the north – eastern apex of the Satpura range in Rewa, it enters the Arabian sea below Bhuruch, after a total course of 1289 K.M. journey.
The Narmada stirs the simple rustic people to devotional fervour.